With the Shisha’s pure and healthy as soul; with the Bordeaux win’s elegance and romance as heart; with the Paganini violin’s warmth and cool as rhyme; with California plant’s technology and workmanship as bones and flesh. From 2008 planning to 2015 achieving, as God created the world with seven days, HOOLOO electronic cigarette raised with seven years of wisdom and feelings, making HOOLOO brand from stunning to legend.

What is HOOLOO:

This is the Hawaiian sun and sea in kiss; this is the western cowboy passion and dream in the rock; this is thousands of Marilyn Monroe style in causing commotion and screaming; this is Schwarzenegger’s muscles destroying evil and save the universe. Welcome to North America’s most pure essence of high- temperature E-liquid HooLoo family taste buds party, let this most powerful natural fumigation pressing process from the ocean takes you into a both exciting and hearty taste carnival tour.