The HOOLOO premuim e-liquid ,made in USA.


West coast of the United States, California, there are plenty of year-round sunshine. California sun’s gifts , bright bright, sweet and juicy, and enjoy the world to show off their freshness and quality.

Guava apricot ——A Guava and Apricot Mix(crisp guava with apricots’s slight sour)

Banana Bomb——Banana with a Vanilla Ice Cream taste(mellow nut bread blends of sweet banana ice cream )

Gummy Candy——Fruit Candy(Swiss candy unique sweet remaining after an absorbing fresh )

Straw-Nana——Strawberry Banana(mouthwatering fresh strawberry and soft and sticky sweet banana)

Pear-Berry ——Pear Huckleberry(pear’s ice and sweet interlaces charming fragrance of bilberry)

Kiwi-melon——Kiwi and Cantaloupe(kiwi soft and sweet intersects melon’s fragrance)

What is HOOLOO:

HOOLOO brand is from the Los Angeles which is a city of science and technology manufacturing. It spontaneously modulates formula by a number of senior electronic cigarette smokers. For the pursuit of high-quality e-liquid, in addition to the use of a variety of selected high-level q-liquid raw materials, but also the use of traditional, pure natural fumigation and pressing process to ensure that every bottle of q-liquid has unique taste, superior quality.