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By HOOLOO | 27 August 2021 | 360 Comments

Hooloo’s New Delta 8 THC Disposable Vape

Hooloo’s new Delta 8 THC Disposable Vape has made you able to enjoy Delta 8 easier than before. These lightweight and portable products remove the last remaining entry barrier - a separate battery accessory is required - instead, they provide all your favorite blends and effects in an easy-to-use package, the moment you leave the box can be used.

The reasons below are why you should consider take a shot of these new vapes.


Why Disposable Vapes are Different

You may have these questions in your mind, “Aren’t all vapes disposable? When my cart is out of oil, I always throw it away.” or “Do I have to refill the vape?”. Well, Hooloo’s new disposable vape provide you a brand new way of vaping, the difference here is that these new vape go one step further, combining cartridges and batteries, both of which are meant to be discarded after use. Hooloo simply adopted its popular vape—a product that usually requires an external battery to run—and added power directly. The benefits of this are twofold.

On one hand, if you don’t have a battery accessory yet, you don’t need to buy it. These new battery disposable vape provide you with a powerful buttonless battery that can provide perfect voltage every time and it is rechargeable. This means that every hit is even and delicious. It also saves you the extra step of buying batteries online or at a local cigarette shop.

On the other hand, the combined technology means that when your vape arrives, you can immediately start enjoying the powerful delta 8 effect. No need to charge - just place the mouthpiece between your lips and inhale. Hooloo has built a powerful battery that can be used throughout the life cycle of the cart without running out of power. It is designed to be portable and discreet, and like all Hooloo vape, it will not produce a noticeable smell during use.

The vape and battery are housed in a slim casing, which can be easily put into any pocket or purse. It is designed to be portable and discreet, and like all Hooloo e-cigarettes, it will not produce a noticeable smell during use.


Amazing Blends

Although the design may be new and the product is more convenient than ever, each vape is still filled with the same powerful and delicious delta 8 blend, and you have some expectations for the country's most popular delta 8 brand.

At Present, Hooloo currently offers more than 10 blends to choose from. Regardless of your preference, you can be sure that there is a blend to match your option.


Know More

If you’d like to start shopping for this incredible new product, click HERE to head right to that page. You can also click HERE to explore Hooloo’s other vape cartridge options, or click HERE to check out other delta 8 products.

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